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Transmog sets for the fashionable space goat. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.Commento di aerosol This set is the Shaman reward for completing every challange mode with a Gold rating.This is a hobby project to create a female draenei character from Warcraft with next-gen tools.

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Even sadder: it has the only Draenei-themed transmog available in the garrison as all the Dwarven Bunker stuff is Iron Horde-themed except for the Stormwind set.

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Mana is a fitting Restoration Shaman resource and will remain for that spec.I also try to use as many different color variations to go along with the shaman artifact sets: pink.Shaman transmog - Garments of flame My friend Mebriel asked me to find a set for his newly dinged enhancement shaman.So, I decided this past weekend that playing a Male Cow, ruined one aspect of the game for me.

Horde and Alliance helm models feature the same exact color variation.My favorite thing about this mog though, is that it looks good from the back, lol.

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The language is almost certain to be proved that it is a derivation of the demonic Eredun language, though some names and words were created in.

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Everything else in this shaman transmog comes from standard transmog farming.

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I actually was requested to make a set for my friend Paul (Boulderface) and his character is also modeling for these sets.

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Here we have another shaman-like transmog submission for hunters, this time from Sagidu.I suggest go looking at the monk forum and seeing the transmog thread (last I checked, the current one is around 20 pages I think), there are some really nice ones in there that work.Shirt and Hands can be bought straight from the auction house most of the time.So even though their spells have the same name, the power comes from different sources.

Now, they are part of the Alliance, and faithfully assist in combating the Horde and other threats to peace on Azeroth.Lightning Shield charges for Elemental Shaman, Maelstrom Weapon charges for Enhancement Shaman, and Mana have all been replaced for Elemental and Enhancement with a new resource: Maelstrom.

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Trying a different mog for Vaard for a few days to see how I feel about it.

My ultimate enhancement shaman transmog set based on this set custom transmog shoulders are from tier 3 (bmah) and weapons will become available again when 5.2 arrives.This cool blood elf female survival hunter artifact set idea features the new Talonclaw artifact.I was able to get my set on the first kill but i dont know if it is a 100% drop rate.We take an alternative approach to standard character optimization class guides as we use purely statistics and simulated data to make recommendations.

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Just sort on the armour type you want and have a look through the best ones.

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