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As you drive you vary oil pressure because of RPM differences, Higher RPM, higher oil pressure.If I push the gas to get 1500 rpm, oil pressure rises to 60 psi. 30 pai seema awful low.I know in some set ups people restirct the oil that is going up into the heads to protect the bottom end.For now, the first thing to check is the oil level and make sure the oil filter is dry and tight.

I know it has 300K, but my last 302 made it to 475K, so I have a long ways to go.

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New filters typically have less restriction than used filters, so having more oil pressure after a change is not unexpected.I keep this rig in pretty good shape and am getting concerned.The hottest my oil has gotten is 214F in stop and go traffic mid summer.

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If we increase the resistance, by using a more viscous oil, the pressure will also go up because of the increased resistance to flow.

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A blocked oil filter can cause an oil pressure gauge to read high: The mechanic will replace the filter and change the oil in this case.Lambeck says at normal engine temperature, idle oil pressure should be more like 30 to 35 psi, and peak rpm pressure will work fine between 60 and 70 psi.I watched a few youtube videos and did it all by feel while laying across the top of the engine.A blocked oil gallery can also cause a high reading: If this happens, a mechanic flushes the oil system while changing the oil.

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You have to replace the pump and bearings, repair the oil sending unit, and clean the blocked passage to ensure the normal oil flow and a safe oil pressure.

This is why net oil pressure cannot be measured directly with a gauge.The scan showed everything was OK and there was in fact oil pressure so he suggested the.

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Keeping tabs with an accurate oil pressure gauge is imperative, because oil pressure normally.Install an oil pressure gauge and measure the engine oil pressure.

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All engines run on a pre-set pressure that cannot be adjusted.Ok normally with my 2000 Z71 silverado I see about 40lbs oil pressure, and with in the past two weeks it has been stable around 50-60.However, f there is any blockage,due to dirt, metal shavings etc, I would think that the higher pressure would have a better.Engine oil pressure Sensor 3 answers Dear sirs, good day what would be the normal range for the engine oil pressure sensor for jeep 2014 grand Cherokee, service light is on but the oil pressure range 91-100 psi and Diagnostic refer to.

If there is 20W-50 oil in the pan, a quick way to trim oil pressure would be to try either 10W-30 or 5W-20 weight oil. This.Also, keep in mind that the pressure indicated is the pressure at the sender, not in the oil channels.I actually started the car today and ran it after gettin my gauges wired up to their senders, and my oil pressure reading suprised me. 62-3 psi at warmup for a minute or so, then settled down to 40 or so and stayed there.

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When it warms up the oil gets thinner, and pressure gets lower.

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